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Mesamche Lev provides financial assistance to the poor in Eretz Yisroel on a very large scale. We support 523 almonos and 3233 yesomim, and assist over 12,000 large and impoverished families with shoes, matzah, wine, and more lekovod Pesach. Mesamche Lev also operates a fish and meat program for thousands of families, and provides grocery coupons for Torah scholars and large families; ensuring them a peaceful, joyous Yom Tov.


Our generation’s leading rabbis visit Mesamche Lev distributions and express their amazement at the massive scope, exceptional organization, and dignified giving.

Board of directors

Mesamche Lev was founded in 1971 by R Zalman Ashkenazi, Zatzal. Reb Zalman, as he was fondly called, was a master of chesed who dedicated his life to helping the poor. He founded Mesamche Lev when he first handedly witnessed widows and orphans struggling with devastating poverty and hunger- and before long he was helping thousands!

Facts and Figures

Reb Zalman visits homes and meets orphans. He notices something afoot. The shoes. Some have flapping soles. Others are terribly worn. There’s even a child wearing his deceased father’s shoes, stuffed with newspaper so they don’t fall off. Others see and shrug. Reb Zalman sees and acts. Mesamche Lev begins its shoe distribution. Like all things Mesamche Lev, the shoes are the best – top quality, good brands, current styles. For children who never got new shoes before, the program is thrilling. It is also very popular. As many as sixty thousand children will receive new shoes this year.

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We captured the joy on camera! See Mesamche Lev smiles and simcha.




Mesameche Lev provides provisions, clothing and necessities for Yom Tov to over 11,000 needy families throughout Eretz Yisroel. Kallahs Yesomahs are provide with the necessities for building a Bayis Neeman, including major appliances. Almanahs receive stipends throughout the year Simchas Yom Tov now and in the future.

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Mesamche Lev Israel
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Mesamche Lev 1364 53rd Street Brooklyn NY 11219 Phone: 718.506.1400 Fax: 718.838.3310

11 Nechemya street Jerusalem, Israel
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